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Google Ad Grants Management

Google Ad Grants is a grant of $10,000 per month to use on Google AdWords (PPC). It’s only available for charities and non-profits organisations. With Google Ad Grants, you can recruit volunteers, receive donations, promote fundraising events or deliver your charity services.
Charity AdWords adverts look like the ones below. A person has searched for “children’s charity” and there are 94,200,000 results. Using a Google Ad Grant, charities can receive donations and get to the first position within the search results.
Google Ad Grants is available to nonprofits and charities. There are strict rules for who’s eligible for the Google Ad Grants program.

Benefits of using Google Ad Grants?


It’s $10,000 every month, just for your charity. If your charity has been running for a year you would have missed out on $120,000. Get in touch ASAP to see if you qualify for the Google Ad Grant program.


If you’re website is not on the first page of Google the charity will not receive donations via Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Show people the amazing charity work you’re doing and get single or monthly donations. At UK Digital Marketing agency our personal best is £50,000 a week donation using Google Grants Account for a UK registered charity. We worked with the charity for a number of month before getting their quality score to 10/10.

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